– Norton Utilities Download | Norton Utilities 16, Norton Utilities Download, Norton Utilities 16 – Norton is a well-known security service provider that has a number of services for both personal and business use. Along with security, Norton also offers products to optimize your device for better services. One of such services provided by Norton is Norton Utilities.

Using Norton Utilities, you can optimize the RAM, memory, and processor of your device. In order to get Norton Utilities, you can visit and download it from there. Also, in case of any issues with the Norton product, feel free to contact the Norton Support at the toll-free number.

How To Get Started With Norton Utilities –

In order to get started with Norton Utilities, you need to purchase the subscription and get the Norton Product Key. You can visit and purchase a Norton Subscription from the online store. Or you can visit the nearest online store and get Norton Subscription in form of CD or Norton Product Key.

If you get the Norton CD then the Norton Product Key will be available written on the back of the retail card of the Norton. You will also find the details steps, using which you can install the Norton on your device.

What Are The System Requirements For Norton Utilities

Before installing any application or software on your computer, you must check the system requirements for it. Otherwise, you might face issues and errors while using these services.

Similarly, if you are installing Norton Utilities, here are the system requirements that you need to fulfill while installing the Norton Utilities:

Operating System

  • Norton Utilities is available for Windows only. Here is the list of versions it supports:
  • Windows XP SP3 (32-bit)
  • Windows Vista (32-bit and 64-bit)
  • And Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 (With Latest Updates Installed)

Hardware Requirements

  • HDD: 150 MB of available hard disk space
  • Video: SVGA (1024×768)
  • CD-ROM drive

Browser Requirements

  • Any Browser with latest updates. Most preferred web browsers are:
  • Google Chrome
  • Safari
  • Firefox

Other Requirements

  • A good internet connection with no data limit
  • RAM – 2GB (32-bit) and 4GB (64-bit)

These requirements might change or update with time. You can on the software at the time of purchase.

How To Avoid Any Error While Using Norton Utilities?

Most of the Norton Users face issues with their application just because they have forgotten some minor details while installing and using the application.

Here are some important points to keep in mind while installing Norton Utilities on your device.

  • Install the application only from the official website – or Otherwise, platforms cannot be trusted.
  • After purchasing the Norton product, do not forget to check whether the Norton Product Key if valid or not. For that, you can redeem the product key.
  • Make sure you have a good internet connection with no data limit. As some features might require an internet connection to work.
  • Also, to update the software, you also need an internet connection to update and install it.
  • Remove and disable the antivirus or security system before installing the Norton Utilities. It may hinder with the installation and performance of the Norton Utilities.

What Are The Features Of Norton Utilities

Once you have installed and activated the Norton Activities. You can start using the Norton Utilities on your device. For detailed steps to install Norton Utilities, visit and get the desired information. Furthermore, you can also get a technician in order to get efficient Norton Support for issues that you might face.

Here are the key features of Norton Utilities:

  • Recover Lost Files – If you have deleted some files by mistake then it can be recovered using the Norton Utilities.
  • Registry Cleaner – Remove and eliminate the registry files that are no longer in use or can cause a problem.
  • Registry Restore – If some Registry files are deleted by mistake then it can be recovered and restored.
  • Repair Drives – Scans your hard drive and alerts you to problems that can cause computer errors and crash your hard drive.
  • Defragment Disks – Reorganize or defragment the files and data that has scattered in the Hard Drive to save space.
  • Smart Updates – Install the important updates of the various application automatically without affecting the device performance.
  • Application Remover – Remove or Uninstall the Application that is not in use anymore.
  • Find Duplicate Files – Detect all the duplicate files on your hard drive so that you can remove unnecessary files to save space.

These were the key features, for more information you can always contact the Norton Support at the toll-free number and get desired assistance.

How To Use Norton Utilities –

Norton Utilities pretty much works automatically, however, it requires your permission to run and make changes to your system. When using the Norton Utilities on your computer, you need to give the application appropriate permission to run on your computer device.

Once you have installed and activated the Norton Utilities on your computer, you can use all the features on your device. Check the features mentioned in the above and then go to your application to make it work on your device, as per your requirements.

Frequently Asked Question –

When using the Norton Services on their devices, a user might have many questions while using the Also, when using the Norton, once can face issues with the same. Keeping all this in mind, here are some frequently asked questions of the Norton Utilities users.

  • How to install and activate Norton Utilities using the Norton Product Key.
  • What are the steps to renew the subscription of Norton Utilities?
  • Error while using the Norton Utilities
  • Some applications are hindering with the Norton product.
  • Unable to sign in to your Norton Account.
  • Norton Product Key is not working

These are some of the issues that a user might have faced while using the Norton Services. If you are having similar queries then feel free to get in touch with the Norton Support. Get to us,, to get the desired Norton Support.